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Powerful Travel Marketing tips for 2020

02 Feb | SafariHelps

The travel agency provides travel and tourism-related services on behalf of suppliers to the general public. The travel agency offers multiple services like outdoor recreation activities, car rentals, railways, package tours, airline tickets booking, cruise lines, insurance, guide book, hotel booking, and many more. If you want to know how to market a travel agency product and service, then here you will get all your answers to your marketing process. The main object of the travel agent is to help people plan, arrange, and choose their holiday. A travel agent also provides advice to their customer on where to go and the local tourist events, customs, attractions through the travel agency ads

The travel agent’s primary function is to act as an agent, and it acts to sell travel products and services on behalf of the suppliers to the customer. Travel agents are the middle man between the suppliers and the customer. Travel agents have some of the critical skills like commercial awareness, excellent interpersonal skills, numerical ability, and verbal communication skills. The travel agent must have particular vital skills for creating a successful travel agency. The essential requirement of a travel agency to increase the conversion rate is the marketing of travel agencies. 

The agents of the travel agency have the responsibility to help their customers and to organize their holiday on a limited budget. There are multiple duties of a travel agency agent like promoting and marketing the business, dealing with customer queries and complaints, providing advice, managing budget, planning, meeting profits or sales targets, selling holiday packages, preparing promotional materials and displays, etc. The multiple duties of the travel agency could be fulfilled by knowing the process of how to market a travel agency product and services. 

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Nine useful marketing ideas that Travel agency should consider:

There are so many works that a travel agency does like managing the company’s social media account, customer relationship management, blogs, emails, and website. The most important part of the travel agent is the marketing of a travel agency, and here the question arises on how to market a travel agency? Do not worry here, and you will get the answer to this question. Just below, you will be able to find some effective marketing tips market your travel agency and will get the process of how to market a travel agency:

Understand the travel customer’s journey – Every travel agency must understand the travel customer’s journey. But it is not so easy to understand the customer travel journey. There are four key moments where travel agency could easily identify the travels want for traveling like:

  1. When the travelers are thinking of traveling and are doing a search for getting ideas. 
  2. In this, the travelers who have already decided on traveling and are organizing their trip. 
  3. The customer has already organized everything and is trying to make reservations.
  4. People are searching for things to do and are searching for new places to visit. 

The four moments of the customer is categorized as dreaming, organizing, booking, and experiencing. Through the four moments of the customer, the travel agency targets its customers and promotes its product and services.

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Focus on customer want – 

The travel agency must focus on the customer wants so that they could target their customer and fulfill their travel want within a limited budget. The travel wants of a customer may vary from traveler to traveler as every travel has their own travel needs. 

Travel agencies could provide the service as per the customer’s needs by doing research on the customer searches for travel. The basic searches include cheap vacation, family-friendly vacation, vacation ideas, and many more. To get more customers to your website, you must the travel agency must focus on the customer want. 

market a travel business
market a travel business

Be updated on how travelers search – 

Nowadays, travelers mostly search for traveling by two means mobile and desktop. When people use mobile, they mostly do searches and look for ideas and compare prices for travel. The travelers use the desktop to purchase or book a reservation for travel. For the traveler’s primary mode for doing searches is through mobile. The traveler search is the most known information for the travel agency as through this, and the travel agent could set a goal and target its customers. 

Reach your targeted customer at the right time 

The travel agency should reach its customers at the right time in order to wind the customer’s hearts and to promote their company brand. People mostly travel during the springtime, and as per the season, the travel need also changes. Reach your targeted customer at the right time and market your product as per customer demand by your attractive travel agency ads. Searching the targeted customer at the right time and offering your company product and services is an important step. 

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Promotion through Facebook ads 

The travel agency must provide a social media platform for promoting their product and services. In the modern world, people get inspired and influenced by social media advertisements. Facebook ads are mostly preferred by the travel agency to market their product. Through Facebook, you could do brand promotion to earn higher conversion rates. Add appealing photos and add attention-grabbing captions in order to attract a large number of customers to your company’s products.

Create a monthly email newsletter – 

Creating a monthly email newsletter is an effective and easy way for the travel agency to maintain contact with your client. Depending on the current travel seasons, a travel agency must create newsletter content. The current travel seasons could be anything like summer season, wedding seasons, or any other season. The monthly email newsletter must include the content related to the tips and the travel ideas for the occasion. Creating a monthly email newsletter is the best answer to how to market a travel agency. Advertise locally and start a referral program – There are multiple advertising opportunities that the travel agency has all over from online advertisement to local advertisement.

For the local advertisement, the travel agency just needs to add their business name, logo, and content information on the company product and services. Local advertisements are highly efficient, low-cost, and require minimum efforts. The travel agency could boost its sales by asking its clients to refer a friend to travel business. A ravel company could add extra incentive and could create a referral program.

Add variety to your social media post – 

Attract and inspire your followers with your appealing content that is based on new travel deals, industry news, holiday posts, packing tips, and destination highlights. Add multiple posts on your company’s social media website to share your travel agency information and news articles. The travelers get to know about your travel company’s newest travel deals through your social media post; in this way, you will able to get the process of how to market a travel agency. 

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Choose proper online booking software – 

To attract a large number of customers to the travel company’s products and services could be done quickly with the help of online booking software. With this online booking software, the agencies could sell their packages quickly. Online booking software for the travel agency provides an easy and safe way of booking travel arrangements and for increasing the revenue of the company. The travel agency could offer the visitor with the best booking product and services through the online booking process. 

The travel company must follow the above tips to market their product and services and to increase their sales conversion rates. There are many more ways other than the points mentioned above for promoting or marketing your travel agency. But the above mentioned are the best answer for how to market a travel agency. Just keep in contact with your client through different modes and advertise your company’s product and services. Use the remarketing mode so that your customers could find a way to get back to your company’s website for availing the travel company services and products.

How to create your travel agency online marketing plan?

Planning a marketing strategy for a travel agency is a crucial part of getting the success of the travel agency. It is the first step that a travel agency takes in order to know how to market a travel agency. The marketing stratagem should be a creative one so that it could be beneficial for the travel agency. Some of the best strategies are mentioned below to promote your travel agency:

  • Invest in effective content and blog writing – Creative and attractive content and blog related to your travel agency could attract a large number of travelers to your company’s website. The best marketing strategy of the travel agency is to create and distribute valuable and consistent content as it could attract and retain the target audience and leads to the sustainable growth of your business. 
  • Go for paid search – Within a couple of hours, your company’s website could get a place at the top of the page with the help of paid search. Paid search is a digital marketing process where the advertiser shows ads on their search engine result from the page. Pay-per-click is an example of paid search, and it is the best way to get your website at the top. The travel agency mostly goes for paid searches because it is the most cost-effective way to search their customer. 
  • Use proper email marketing – The Digital marketing strategy’s primary step is email marketing as in this process, the travel agency gets in touch with their customer directly. Firstly, the travel agency gets the customer to subscribe to your email list so that the travel agency gets a chance to display their authority and credibility by providing valuable content through email. 
  • Create an attractive website – The best way to attract your customer attention is to personalize your website, content, and services, and in this way, you could make your website stand out. Creating a unique company website is essential to draw attention to your travel agency. The first step in personalizing your website is to create a unique website, services, and content. Through one-on-one customer interaction and unique recommendations, you could attract a large number of customers to purchase your travel company product and services.
  • Use image and videos – Appealing images and videos create a strong impression on your customer mind than written content. Make strategies and try to use multiple images and videos as per your company’s marketing strategy. A text or written content is often skipped by the people, but the people love to see pictures and videos as the image and videos are attractive and colorful; it an impression on the customer’s minds that last for a more extended period of time. 
  • Set goals and monitor it to improve your travel agency marketing plan – Every travel agency has its aim and goal, which they set in order to achieve it. But setting the goal is only the primary step that is taken by the travel agency the essential step after setting a plan is to monitor the particular goal. Proper monitoring of set goals could help to improve the travel agency marketing plan. 
market a travel business
market a travel business

The strategies, as mentioned above, are the basis and the popular strategy that travel agents usually follow. And with the help of the above strategy for marketing a travel agency, a travel agent could make it is business a successful one. Before planning for marketing your travel agency, you must strategies your marketing place to get the best and effective results.

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What are the types of travel agencies and who are involved in the travel business growth?

There are different types of travel agencies in the travel agency that make a contribution to increasing the growth of a business. Different types of travel agencies are engaged in different types of job activities like some create the travel package, some make the sales, some provide inbound tour operators serves, and many more. The travel agents decide how to market a travel agency to grow the business effectively. There are various advantages of using online travel agents, as mentioned below:

  • The travel agent provides you with a low cost or budget travel package, which will make the traveler traveling experience the best one. An online travel agent provides a low-cost way to list the agency’s products and services. 
  • With the online travel agent, you could reduce your website cost, and it provides a positive online experience for customers. 
  • The customer who likes to compare accommodation costs and the services could be benefited through online travel sites as it has the option to compare.

There are mainly two types of travel agencies that are involved in the travel business. Some call it a domestic travel agency and international travel agency, and some called it a wholesale travel agency and retail travel agency. The most familiar and popular type of travel agency is the retail travel agency and the wholesale travel agency. Both the type of travel agency has different responsibility and duties.

The wholesale travel agencies are specialized in organizing package tours, and these are marketed to the customers through the network of a retail travel agency. In a wholesale travel agency, the tourist product is purchased in bulk, and the designed tour package also purchases. The job of a retail travel agency is to sell tourists products directly to the public on behalf of the product suppliers. One commission basis and on markup price are the two ways through which the travel package is sold. 

All over the world, you will be able to find six types of travel agents like the independent travel agent, online travel agent, visitor information travel agent, hotel services, and inbound tour operators. All the travel agent engages in different activities like some are engage in customer support to provide advice and information related to services, and some ale the product and services. 

What are the important features of the travel agency?

The role of a Travel agency is very important in the travel business, and it has become an integral part of the travel and tourism industry. Each travel agency operates on the basis of the scope of its activities and the size of the organization. The important feature of the travel agency could make your travel business ready to grow. Some of the important features of a travel agency in the current situation are mentioned below:

  • The travel agent act as an important link between the clients and the principle suppliers – The most important feature of a travel agency is that it acts as an important link between the clients and the principal suppliers. The travel agency sale the travel product and services to the customer on behalf of the principal suppliers. Hence for providing the customer with the supplier’s product and services, it acts as an important link between them. 
  • The Travel agencies are highly organized – The travel agency has the characteristic of the great planner as they make a plan and organize the travel bookings, juggling calls, and the day to day balancing act. The travel agency has the ability of multi-tasking, like arranging flights, negotiation deals, advising clients, securing accommodation, and advising clients. The travel agency provides an organized service is an important feature of the travel agency. 
  • Ensure rapid travel services – The travel agency ensures timely travel services for their customer as per their needs. The customer of a travel agency could any time visit the particular travel agency website and could avail of the travel product and services. The travel agency acts to provide rapid travel services to its customers. 
  • Reliable travel information – A travel agency provides you with authentic and reliable travel information to the customer as per their query. The travel agency includes a team of knowledgeable individuals who are specialized in giving valuable advice on the package that could fit the customer requirements. The travel agency has the ability to create a reliable relationship with the customer. 
  • A continuous process – A travel agency provides continuous services to its clients as per their requirements. The continuous process includes the continuous supply of products and services to the customer as per their demands. 
  • Establish a good relationship with clients and vendors- the key feature of a travel agency is that it establishes a good relationship with their clients and vendors. The travel agency actually acts as a link between the vendor and the client as they purchase the product from the vendor and sell it to theirs. 

The above mentioned are the important features of a travel agency. Through these important features, a travel agency stands out in the market and become successful in the long run. The travel agency sells two types of packages, like the commercial and leisure travel package. And in the same manner, the travel agency serves two types of clients like business travelers and leisure travelers. For the success of the travel agency, the travel agent must possess some of the skills like integrity, empathy, resourcefulness, enthusiasm, professionalism, and complete knowledge. 

Each client has different requirements, and for these reasons, the travel agency collects and sells from the suppliers the related components. For the travel agency, the suppliers with whom the agency maintains close ties is the Airlines, bank, insurance companies, government, foreign tour operators, cruise companies, railways, hotels, car rentals, and many more. Through the help of these suppliers, the travel agency gets its place in the market. 

The travel agency has been identified as a vital component in the field of travel and tourism and has various functions. The main function of a travel agency is to provide travel information, airline ticketing, and reservation, prepare tour packaging and cost, provide travel insurance, etc. These functions are very important for the travel agency to follow as through these functions, the travel agency is able to target a large number of customers to avail of the travel company’s product and services. 

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